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Gomez International

Where Human and Digital Capital become ONE

Gomez International provides a unique and innovating human resource optimisation solution. Tied with the best Enterprise Resource Planning on the market with its many features and the lowest cost of acquisition.

We help and assist small, medium and large enterprises to rethink/engineering/evolve their processes to layout and adapt today's technologies to optimize their HR and IT operations competitiveness



iShareHR™ allows organizations to optimize their most value asset; their Human Capital.



An integrated ERP suite of applications to improve the financial and operational performance of your business.


Zon Consulting Services

We offer a unique view to your business processes and operations. Efficiency and cost saving is not only a competitive advantage but a most in today's fast technology evolution. Complexity is simplified by our Agile methodology to allow a lean adaptation.

Making the Difference

Between Success and Failure
Human resources Optimization - iShareHR™

We are changing the way organizations optimize their HR resources with an innovating and unique business model. Our platform offer a bridge for companies to share and optimize their Human capital at all hierarchical levels.

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ZonERP suite

An integrated suite of ERP applications to improve your business performance, integrate across multiple locations and better serve your customers. This is your Digital Capital in a single umbrella.

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Zon consulting services

Our consulting services enable organizations to evolve technologically while keeping projects and costs under control. No more excuses of cost overruns and time: together with Agile methodology, we deliver the expected results.

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Your partner for success

Our customers benefit from a solution to better optimize their most valuable asset: their human capital. Our clients’ satisfaction is at the heart of our operations.

Contact us for an assessment of your needs. We offer a consultation day at our expense, to understand your challenges and to expose our expertise.

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What the market and entrepreneurs are saying

“Great innovation, this will change the the HR management for ever - employees at the real center”

“This will empower the employees and help them achieve new heights”

“Share your talent and engage them like a perputual onboarding..but with zero time introduction”

“Recruting differently.”

“A great solution for your talent recrutement”

“Services such as HR and IT as profits centers...by sharing humain capital...what a vision”

“You are not dreaming...this is real”